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-fila.docx Online information regarding public health and safety is available at the state level through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, via the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion website, For more information on the CDC’s campaigns, please visit Some state health departments, for example, have social media sites where community members can report health concerns in their communities. Other state health agencies have useful materials available for parents or educators on how to identify potential health issues, such as hunger, child abuse and neglect, or suicide. Although social media are not considered a replacement for a traditional public health method of communication, state health departments may use social media to augment their traditional communication channels. This chapter is from the book Adolescence is a time of life during which a person generally matures physically and develops socially and mentally. During this time, some individuals become sexually active. Early sexual activity, particularly for girls, increases the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. In addition, adolescents may have difficulty controlling their behavior and have higher levels of impulsive behavior. It is important for health care providers to become knowledgeable about adolescent health. This includes their own social and emotional development, healthy living practices, sexual health, and nutrition and health promotion. It also includes recognizing mental health conditions (eg, depression, eating disorders) and the symptoms of substance use. Although most adolescents have their health needs met in pediatric and family health care settings, health care providers should continue to monitor a young adolescent’s development and behavior, use their own knowledge about normal adolescent development, and provide age-appropriate care. Target Audience and Terminology Health care providers who work with young people have many challenges, including teaching about proper reproductive health and sexual health. Since learning about the anatomy of the human body is so difficult, this subject is one of the most difficult in medicine to address with adolescents. Health care providers need to be comfortable working with adolescents about the following topics: Social, emotional, and physical development Nutrition and health promotion Sexual activity Teen pregnancy prevention and contraception Screening for substance abuse and risky behavior Sexually transmitted diseases Health care providers who work with adolescents should also be familiar with the following terminology: Adolescence Preteen




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Chimica E Propedeutica Biochimica Bettelheim Pdf Downloadgolkesl romipan

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